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Swanson Contemporary began operating in the spring of 1998 as only the second gallery in what is now referred to as Louisville’s "NuLu" neighborhood. For the past twenty years, the gallery has showcased contemporary national and regional artists with an emphasis on energetic and challenging works in video, installation, photography, conceptual art, painting, performance, and sculpture.

East Market Street 

Although the gallery frequently operates in a way that would seem consistent with a nonprofit space, the gallery director, Chuck Swanson, takes particular pleasure in furthering the careers of both talented committed younger artists and older artists by introducing their work to larger audiences and serious collectors. 

Rodney Hatfield aka Art Snake exhibit
Shayne Hull installation

The gallery generally has ten exhibits a year on its main level, about half of them solo shows, occasionally utilizing a guest curator. 

Swanson Contemporary

638 E. Market St.

Louisville, Ky




phone - 502 - 589 - 5466


email -


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